For 2017 we completed the sampling.
In addition to the 42 beekeepers previously mentioned, we can now add 6 more who have kindly sent us materials from Apulia and Sicily. In all, therefore, 48 beekeepers sampled who provided biological material from 128 households.

On November 14, we sent the plate containing 93 samples consisting of the paws of as many individuals to the sequencing laboratory in Germany.

DNA will be extracted from the paws, which will then undergo genomic analysis.
The submitted material represents an excellent snapshot of the national genetic landscape. Photograph that should make it possible to recognize the genetic types present in the area, assess their variability, and quantify the degree of admixture, if any.
This is the breakdown of the sample among the different genetic types:

When the genomic data arrive back we will begin all the necessary bioinformatics and population analyses.
See you next time!